Links for Tuesday, March 24, 2009

1 minute read

  • John Hussman: Fed and Treasury – Putting off Hard Choices with Easy Money – “Make no mistake – we are selling off our future and the future of our children to prevent the bondholders of U.S. financial corporations from taking losses. We are using public funds to protect the bondholders of some of the most mismanaged companies in the history of capitalism, instead of allowing them to take losses that should have been their own.
  • Tomgram: A Second 9/11 in Slow Motion – “This time around there’s no dust, no ash, no acrid smell, no sirens, no jets, and no brave rescuers either. And yet the effect might, sooner or later, be far more apocalyptic and the lives swallowed up far greater. This time, of course, the fanatical extremists were homegrown. Their “caves” were on Wall Street. They hijacked our economy and did their level best to take down our world.
  • Green Phosphor: Technology Tour – “Our technology puts users and data into the same three-dimensional space. This enables you to look around, and look at data from any perspective. Everyone working in the space is represented by an avatar.” – Via Caleb.
  • Green Phosphor: 3D Environment for Biotech Research – “*Green Phosphor can put all the stakeholders into a virtual lab for a year, with access to interactive 3D visualizations of all their data and connections to all the major proteomics databases, for less than the cost of getting them together for a one-day physical meeting WITHOUT their data. *“
  • Douglas Rushkoff: Let it Die – “The fact that the speculative economy for cash and commodities accounts for over 95% of economic transactions, while people actually using money and consuming commodities constitute less than 5% tells us something important. Real supply and demand have almost nothing to do with prices. We do not live in an economy, we live in a Ponzi scheme.