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My Son Andy Is Heading to Sao Paolo…

My 19 year old son Andy has been learning Portuguese and has booked a mid-June flight to Sao Paolo, with plans to see that city and a few others as part of a two month trip. His goal is to see the country, practice and improve his language skills, and to have a safe and fun time.

His plans are uncomfortably vague at this point, and I need some help to find accommodations and local connections for him. We know that hostels are an option for him,and we are also exploring some other options through friends and friends-of-friends.

If you know of a situation that might be suitable for him, please send email (andyasb @ to Andy. He would be interested in doing some teaching or tutoring in full or partial exchange for room and board.

Andy is currently studying Math, Physics, and Astronomy at the University of Washington.

Andy is a very accomplished musician. He plays the piano, bass guitar, and several wind instruments and would really appreciate the opportunity to do some teaching.


Andy recorded the following video to show off his Portuguese skills: