Links for Sunday, May 24, 2009

1 minute read

  • SlogBase: Second Life Intelligence – “Slogbase is a lightweight database attached to objects in Second Life™ that provides the same functionality as Apache Web server logs. It uses ordinary LSL code in Second Life to send sensor data to an external PHP/MySQL application.
  • Field Commander Wieers: Improving Putty settings on Windows – “This is important advice. First configure your environment before you start using it. This is especially true for Putty, since you always start of from the default, it is important to configure the default entry before you create entries from these defaults. It will save you a lot of time afterwards to get things straight.
  • Ideas For Dozens: Why the Arduino Matters – “Recently, our Altair arrived. It’s called the Arduino. This is 2009 so instead of being built by two engineers in Albuquerque, it was built by an open source international cabal of programmers and professors.
  • Freelance Folder: Why You Need to Monitor Your Online Reputation – “While it might seem vain to search for yourself online, it’s actually an important step in protecting your online reputation. If you do business online, then you not only be checking on but also working to protect and manage your online reputation.