Links for Monday, June 8, 2009

1 minute read

  • The Messy Notebook: How To Build Something Real (In Your Spare Time) – “You need steady momentum to keep the project rolling. It’s much harder to sit down and work if you only do so every other week – you then need to use more time and energy to “spin back up” every time. You also run a higher risk of falling off the wagon completely if you miss one or two of those long sessions. Instead you want to ingrain a steady, regular habit which feels as natural as brushing your teeth every evening.
  • Mozilla Hacks: Firefox 3.5 for 35 Days – Dreaming About The Future of The Web – “Because of the sheer volume of new features for developers in Firefox 3.5 we’ll be spending the next 35 days featuring all of them, with two posts a day, every day. Each day’s first post will describe one new feature in Firefox in depth – how to use it, why it’s there and some examples of what it can do for you. The second post will be all fun – examples of demos that people have put together using all of the features that are in Firefox 3.5.
  • Popup Chinese: How to Create a Firefox Plugin – “We’re pleased to release an open source framework for developing complex Firefox plugins quickly and easily. This is intended for programmers. You should use it if you already know javascript but don’t want to waste days learning how to configure and package Firefox plugins so that they actually work.