Links for Thursday, June 18, 2009

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  • Time: U.S. Shoots for the Moon, This Time to Stay – “In the past few years, the moon has once again become the hot place to go. Three countries with little spacefaring history — Japan, China and India — have all sent probes moonward since 2007, and China in particular has made it clear that it plans to return, first with more robot ships, then with astronauts.
  • Penelope Trunk: How to Write a Blog Post People Love – “Unleashing passion is scary. You don’t know where it will go. So instead, most people try to sort of keep themselves under control. This is boring.
  • Dobrica Pavlinuši?’: Network Speed Overview with Netpipe and Graphviz – “*GraphViz will make it’s auto-layout magic and just looking at picture you will immediately notice that there are 100Mbit/s link somewhere in-between machines… Pictures can really replace thousands of words… *“