Links for Tuesday, October 20, 2009

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  • SkyTran: It’s About Time – “SkyTran is a new transportation system, currently under development at NASA Ames Research and other locations. Light-weight vehicles ride above ground traffic on a magnetic levitation (maglev) micro freeway, also called the guideway.
  • SkyTran: Personal Mobility for the 21st Century – “No need to drive. Enter your destination, then enjoy full web access, entertainment and climate controls.
  • Official Second Life Blog: The Time for Work Avatars Has Arrived – “Speaking as the person leading Enterprise Marketing, and the Second Life Work brand at Linden Lab, I believe that the professional avatar is an imperative on the road to enterprise-wide adoption of immersive environments as a powerful collaboration and work tool. If virtual work is to be taken seriously, then our avatars need to look–and act–as professional as we do in a physical workplace.