Links for Friday, October 30, 2009

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  • The Big Picture: Launch of the Ares I-X – “NASA’s Constellation Program’s 327-foot-tall rocket produced 2.96 million pounds of thrust at liftoff and reached a speed of 100 mph in eight seconds.
  • Science at NASA: A Mars Rover Named “Curiosity” – “The small, car-sized rover will ramble about on the rocky surface, gizmos at full tilt, not only brushing dust off rocks but also vaporizing them with a laser beam, gathering samples to analyze on the spot, taking high resolution photographs, and more.
  • IO9: Robert Heinlein’s Bizarre Fan Mail Response Letter – “An ever-increasing flood of mail forced me to choose between writing letters and writing fiction. But I read each letter and check its answer. … [ ] Please do not write to me again.” – Via Tim Ferris.
  • RepRap Blog: The RepRap Factory – “For some time we have intended to set up a RepRap Factory at Bath consisting of four machines that will be dedicated to printing RepRap parts for others. We shall then sell these on at cost.