Links for Saturday, February 27, 2010

1 minute read

  • Live Twitter Table using New Bluetooth Shield – “By correctly formatting your tweet and including the #ledtable hashtag, you can help create an ever-changing work of art in our living room.
  • Make: Open Structures: Help Create an Open-Source Building System – “Open Structures is a set of standards allowing product designers and architects to create hackable items — for instance, a sink or a bicycle — which could be recombined into new inventions. The system’s starting point is a 4x4cm grid that all components must accommodate.
  • Open Structures – “The OS (OpenStructures) project explores the possibility of a modular construction model where everyone designs for everyone on the basis of one shared geometrical grid. It initiates a kind of collaborative Meccano to which everybody can contribute parts, components and structures.
  • GigaOm: How Digg Found a Way to Make Money – “*Digg Ads as a whole see about a 1 percent click-through rate, but what’s interesting is the spread between more successful ads and less successful ones. Campaigns that mimic the style of Digg — using a numbered list, for example, or pointing to articles rather than product information — were much more effective, with up to 4 percent CTRs compared to 0.3 or 0.4 for the worst-performing Digg Ads. *“