Links for Thursday, March 4

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  • Dave Schappel: Want Entrepreneur Advice Over Coffee? That’ll Be $1,000 – “*You pay me $1,000 for up to 3 hours of my time talking with you about entrepreneurship. That will likely be spread over two 1-hour meetings, and another hour of my time making introductions, if I think they’re warranted. If I don’t, I’ll be honest with you, and we’ll spend that last hour working on your plans, or whatever. Then, when you’ve started your company and booked your first $1,000 in revenues, I’ll give you $700 back. *“
  • OnOrbit: Concrete Phase of Runway Begins at Spaceport America – “Measuring 10,000 feet long by 200 feet wide, the runway is designed to support nearly every aircraft in the world, as well as the day-to-day space tourism and payload launch operations like those for Virgin Galactic’s WhiteKnightTwo and SpaceShipTwo. The large concrete runway will accommodate returning launch vehicles, fly-back rocket boosters and other space launch and training vehicles.
  • Second Life Blogs: Second Life Viewer 2 Beta, Now Available – “We looked carefully at the experience design of other successful social media and technology platforms–such as the web browser, Facebook, the iPhone, Twitter, etc.–and the key elements that enabled them to reach mass adoption. You’ll see much of that thinking baked into new Viewer 2 experience design. Our primary goal was to create a more consumer-friendly viewer–an imperative to bring in a new wave of Second Life Residents.
  • Second Life Blogs: Shared Media: Bringing the Web Inworld with Viewer 2 – “*Second Life Shared Media, a new Viewer 2 capability, makes sharing standard Web-based media in Second Life easy and seamless. It enables content creators to make more compelling, interactive experiences. Basically, Shared Media brings the Internet inworld. For the more technically inclined, what this means is that you can now put media textures on any prim in Second Life. *“
  • Bunnie’s Blog: On MicroSD Problems – “Sample 6: This is a SanDisk card bought on the open market from a sketchy shop run by a sassy chain-smoking girl who wouldn’t stop texting on her mobile.