Links for Friday, March 19, 2010

less than 1 minute read

  • ThinkBalm: ThinkBalm Publishes Immersive Software Decision-Making Guide – “*The Enterprise Immersive Software Decision-Making Guide is a use case-based guide designed to aid business decision makers in the enterprise immersive software selection process. In this report, we present “if/then” scenarios and highlight good-fit vendors for common situations, with a focus on the most prevalent use cases: meetings, conferences, and learning and training. *“
  • ThinkBalm: Video tour of ThinkBalm’s Distillery – “ThinkBalm’s intention with the Distillery is to replace the boring ole webinar with an engaging, interactive activity, and create an unforgettable immersive learning experience. This is a 9-minute mini video tour of the Distillery lead by ThinkBalm analyst Erica Driver.