Links for Tuesday, April 20, 2010

1 minute read

  • BrickCon 2010 – “Join us to view hundreds of models created by LEGO® Hobbyist Builders from around the nation and the world. Build your own masterpieces with LEGO® parts at our Building Zone. Purchase current, past and custom LEGO® sets, parts and minifigs at our Brick Bazaar. Win Prizes!
  • Wall Street Journal: Entrepreneurs Doing Business by Avatar – “*Two years ago Second Life, the largest of the virtual sites, with 1 million monthly visitors, created an enterprise group, to better cater to businesses. Companies like Dell shut storefronts and retooled their virtual-world platforms for meetings and training. A whole flock of specialized sites now provide business services, such as hosting conventions. *“
  • The Arch Network: Welcome to H-Town – “Rather than flipping through the pages of a magazine, or browsing a website as a passive observer, H-Town gives you a presence – a place where you can see and be seen. To me, this is so much closer to the way we actually experience architecture in the real world, and represents the future of every kind of online architectural resource. Looking at a picture of a house is great, but experiencing a house in an immersive, realtime environment alongside others is much better.“.
  • Quicklycode: Firebug Cheat Sheet – “KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS / MOUSE ACTIONS