Links for Monday, July 19, 2010

2 minute read

  • Your Number One Source for Advanced Electronics and Accessories for Robotics – “We design and develop advanced electronic products for educational and hobby applications. We hope that you find these products suitable for your creative projects. If you need something extra-ordinary, do let us know and we will consider developing it, like we have done for some of our customers in the past.
  • nxtwallet: Nxt-WALL-E-Transformable – “The Lego NXT wall-e transformable robot is fully self controlled It uses Lego Mindstorms programming environment. It is for all I know the first Lego build look-alike wall-e which is capable to transform automated. This transformation is quite similar to the way the original wall-e does it.
  • Make: Controlling a Lego Robot With an Arduino – “MAKE subscriber Clinton Blackmore of Alberta wrote in to share a project he’s working on: NXT I2C Devices for Arduino, which aims to let you control Lego actuators and sensors using a Mindsensors motor multiplexer (NXTMMX) controlled by an Arduino — no NXT brick required.
  • Deepak Singh: Recommendations: Data-Intensive Text Processing With Mapreduce – “Tom White’s book is a great place to start if you have an interest in the framework itself, but the book I wanted to point out was Jimmy Lin’s book on Data-Intensive Text Processing with MapReduce (there is a pre-production PDF of the book from the homepage) and it’s a great dive into algorithm design.
  • Brand X Daily: Rock star via avatar on ‘Second Life’: ‘It’s Facebook on steroids.’ – “Despite declining media coverage after a few years of overexposure, Second Life lives on, and within its virtual borders a music scene has been thriving, with independent artists such as Lyons leading the charge. These artists are earning livings, promoting their music and supporting causes they believe in by performing in this virtual space, which has approximately 1 million users each month.
  • YouTube: Across The Universe: Craig Lyons – “This video features an international cast & crew of professionals and fans in a highly collaborative effort, working simultaneously from all corners of the globe via the world’s largest free-content virtual platform. We hope it illuminates our commitment to environmental consciousness while demonstrating the limitless possibilities of low-impact filming.
  • Harvard Business Review: 10 Reasons to Stop Apologizing for Your Online Life – “It’s time to start living in 21st century reality: a reality that is both on- and offline. Acknowledge online life as real, and the Internet’s transformative potential opens up:
  • Drew Houston: Dropbox Startup Lessons Learned – “100,000 -> many millions of users in 18 months since launch. No ad spend.
  • Krishna Shankar: A Hitchhiker’s Guide to NOSQL v1.0 – “Goal: Understand and get a broader technology view of NOSQL eco system. A slice of the NOSQL eco system – explore further. Balancer between discussion & hands-on (~80-20).
  • nTeams: Engage. Inspire. Innovate. – “Building a virtual world for distributed teams to innovate together every day.
  • Janet Thaler: What I LOVE/HATE about Social Media – “People are fond of saying something like this: if you’re not getting so many retweets or comments or followers on Twitter, you suck. You’re boring. You’re irreverent. This line of thinking has made me want to stop blogging and tweeting so many times. I start to judge myself by these numbers.