Links for Tuesday, September 14, 2010

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  • canvasXpress – “CanvasXpress is a javascript library based on the <canvas> tag implemented in HTML5. I developed this library as the core visualization component for our BMS systems biology platform which I hope to release soon. The basic idea was to have generic and simple way to display genomics data.
  • SitePoint: Exclusive Webinar: Host Your Website in the Cloud with Jeff Barr – “You’re invited to join us for our upcoming Cloud Hosting webinar featuring Jeff Barr from Amazon Web Services. There are only 1000 spots available and we expect these to fill fast. Use the easy registration widget below to confirm your place.
  • Main Page – “This website provides information about the creation of operating systems and serves as a community for those people interested in OS creation with 399 wiki articles.
  • UK Telegraph: IMF Fears ‘Social Explosion’ from World Jobs Crisis – “The world must create 45m jobs a year for the next decade just to tread water.