Links for Thursday, September 23, 2010

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  • Sand Castle Studios: The Status of Mesh Support in Second Life – “Today Linden Lab gave Second Life users an update on mesh support and lifted the NDA for current beta testers. I can now tell you that for about the last year, we here at Sand Castle Studios have been deeply involved in working with the Lindens to bring mesh support to Second Life.
  • Second Life Blogs: Next Steps for Mesh Support – “During Philip’s keynote at the 2010 SLCC, we committed to bringing Mesh import to Second Life. This functionality would allow content created in the mainstream 3D creation tools, such as Maya or Blender, to be imported directly into Second Life, in much the same way that animations and textures can be uploaded today. In this case, we would provide support for the Collada file format. We see this as an important step to empower content creators to make the inworld experience an even richer and more creative one than it is today.