Links for Saturday, October 30, 2010

1 minute read

  • Business Insider: Bernanke’s QE 2 Will Sink Just Like The Titanic – “The Fed is quick to point to falling real estate prices. But a drop in real estate will no more cause consumer prices to fall than the real estate boom caused them to rise. Real estate prices are too high, and the economy will never truly recover unless they are allowed to fall. It is interesting that when real estate prices were rising, the Fed did not raise rates to bring them down, but now that they are falling, the central bank feels compelled to lower rates to prop them up.
  • Gwyneth Llewelyn: Technological Improvements in Second Life? You Bet! – “Granted, LL is not famous for making sense, but I still maintain that all the above shows that LL is really taking notice of what the competition is doing — and the competition are TPVs and OpenSim, not IMVU or Blue Mars, while Unity3D-based VWs might start to become the primary choice for education/business in a few years, if LL doesn’t do anything to stop that from happening (meshes are the first good step; a viewer on a Web browser is the next). But Philip, before he left, clearly pointed out that the focus is going to be on the residential market.
  • DGP4SL Blog: The Project to Save Second Life – “The goal here is to present a Positive series that outlines ways the overall product can be improved and enhanced. I want to show how, with rational and realistic changes in course, goal and execution, the Second Life platform can be made more attractive to its users (new and old) and its overall ROI improved.