Links for Monday, November 22, 2010

2 minute read

  • Colleen Moffit: Personal Awareness in a Social Media World – “think it is important for people engaging in social media to consider not only what they are communicating, but how that information may be perceived by others. Short messages of 140 characters do not afford an opportunity to provide context and individuals who do not know you may misinterpret your message.
  • IIAR: Why Virtual Events Should Become Part of Your AR Strategy – “I have had the experience of running two global virtual analyst events over the last year. In my last virtual event, more than 300 analysts attended and interacted with our company. The only requirement: a PC with a reliable bandwidth connection.
  • Washington’s Blog: FDR Wasn’t FDR … Until His Hand Was Forced By Civil Disobedience – “Progressives are disappointed that – contrary to the hype – Obama is no FDR. But FDR himself wasn’t who we think of as FDR until he was forced by protests, strikes and other forms of civil disobedience.
  • Seattle Times: Fed Gives Low-Risk Savers No Choices For Investing – “By taking measures to keep interest rates on U.S. Treasury bonds at almost nothing, the Federal Reserve is trying to induce people to take more chances with their money.
  • CloudFab: Make Anything Online – “We use 3D printing technologies to make what you want. CloudFab takes your 3D design, sends it to the manufacturer, and sends it to you or your end-users. Having a web API allows you to put digital making into your web service and products. This means you can directly integrate 3D printing into your website or application easily and quickly.*“
  • Dave Winer: Using S3 to Store a Complete Site – “*Amazon made it so that if you stand on one foot while touching your nose with the pinky of your right hand and say Wild Beatnik Pie! three times you can host a static site in S3, which seems to have been made to serve static sites. *“
  • The Dragon’s Circle: Second Life Alternate Viewers in Windows 7 x64 – “Moral of the story? If you’re running Windows 7, and your SL client of choice is being extremely slow, make sure you turn on compatibility for at least Vista, if not XP. I’ll bet that will fix you problem right there.
  • The Baseline Scenario: How Are the Kids? Unemployed, Underwater, and Sinking – “While it appears everyone is hurting since the financial collapse, young adults bear a disproportionate burden, constituting just 13.5% of the workforce while accounting for 26.4% of those unemployed. Even with good credentials, it is difficult for young people to find work and keep themselves afloat.