Links for Saturday, January 1, 2011

1 minute read

  • Hummingbird: Real Time Web Traffic Visualization – “Hummingbird lets you see how visitors are interacting with your website in real time
  • Official 3DXplorer Blog: 3DXplorer at the University of Washington – “University of Washington is one of the most active universities in the field of Virtual Worlds and one of the rare ones delivering a certificate in Virtual Worlds, under Randy Hinrichs’ leadership.
  • Gephi: Makes Graphs Handy – “Gephi is an interactive visualization and exploration platform for all kinds of networks and complex systems, dynamic and hierarchical graphs.
  • HEAD JS: The Only Script in Your <HEAD> – “Load scripts like images. Use HTML5 and CSS3 safely. Target CSS for different screens, paths, states and browsers. Make it the only script in your HEAD. A concise solution to universal issues.
  • Sourceforge: Ditaa – “*A small utility that converts ascii-art diagrams to nice-looking bitmap diagrams automatically. *“
  • Ditaa: Diagrams Through ASCII Art – “ditaa transforms ASCII art into graphical diagrams. To see it in action, make changes to the text below and click Update the Diagram.
  • Emacs Screencast: Artist Mode – “Artist mode, toggled by M-x artist-mode, lets you draw lines, squares, rectangles and poly-lines, ellipses, and circles with your mouse and/or keyboard. It is extremely useful when inserting text diagrams or figures in your source comments.” – Use this with Ditaa!
  • Josh Staiger: Fixing Garbage Characters in the Emacs Shell Buffer – “In many default Linux configurations the stock .bashrc config turns on colorization by default for many shell commands like ls and grep. Commands that colorize their output can cause problems for the Emacs shell buffer.