Links for Tuesday, June 14, 2011

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  • Network World: 3D Conferencing Hits the Enterprise – “Immersive virtual meeting environments allow participants to use avatars to walk around a virtual environment, and are useful tools for collaborating on and prototyping 3D designs, such as new products, buildings, or factories. Companies are also finding them useful training environments, since meeting managers can create virtual replicas of hospitals, assembly lines, or sales rooms and have employees practice skills without endangering themselves or equipment.
  • ReadWriteHack: 5 Free E-Books and Tutorials on Lua – “I thought this would be an excellent occasion to do a free e-book round-up for Lua. Whether you want to learn it for game scripting, extending Renoise or building Web servers, these references will help you get started with the language.
  • HttpWatch: Investigating the Network Performance Of Firefox 5 – “The performance benefit we measured in this scenario was substantial. We consistently found that the screenshot image loaded about twice as fast in Firefox 5 as it did in Firefox 4.
  • Matt Might: How to Email – “*The problem with email is that people think it’s electronic mail. Email is not mail in electronic form. You are not writing a letter. *“