Links for Friday, December 22, 2012

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Time to clean out my browser menu before the holidays:

  • BrickPicker: The End of Life is the Start of Profits – “Missing out on a great LEGO set is a gut-wrenching feeling that happens all too often for the casual LEGO investor. The two-year rule is nothing more than a vague LEGO barometer for when a set might go EOL. As with almost every rule there are exceptions…in this case many exceptions!
  • Adafruit Industries: OLED LEGO Train Schedule – “I started thinking about various ways Adafruit electronics and LEGO bricks could be combined. I’ve always thought it would be cool to have a minifig scale video display instead of a sticker or printed brick. So, I decided to give my minifigs a dynamic train schedule.
  • Core Developers Team: UPCORE G1 Bluetooth Receiver for Power Functions System – “PCORE G1 has 9 connectors to control your brick creations and models. 3 connectors are fully proportional, you can regulate your supply motors M-motors, XL-motors, LEDs and other appliances in the range 0-100%. 5 connectors is non proportional, these connectors can control their creations as well as with non proportional control Power Functions.
  • LPE Power: Pneumatic SYS Inline 3 Cylinder Engine – “The LPEpower team is most proud to present you this new inline 3 power plant, we consider it to be an epitome of efficiency. Compared to its predecesor it is more powerful, smaller and lighter.
  • Robot2: Segway with Robot Driver – “This project is based on my universal balancing robot code. These small balancing robots are fun, but I wanted to make something that more closely resembles a real Segway.
  • Big Ben Bricks – “Big Ben Bricks manufactures and sells train wheels specifically designed to build trains with LEGO. Five Train wheels are currently available in 8 colors.
  • YouTube: Akiyuky – “Lego Great Ball Contraption (GBC) in my house. my own 17 modules
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