Blogging Has Resumed

1 minute read

I had planned to resume my longstanding personal blogging regimen several months ago. The summer and the fall were very busy due to the AWS re:Invent conference and a large-scale kitchen renovation. both of these items are now in the past and I am once again ready to blog on a regular and frequent basis!

This blog is now statically hosted on Amazon S3. The content is written in Markdown and turned into HTML by Octopress. The static blogging model obviates all of my scaling and security worries, and will let me focus on writing new and interesting content. I still have to sand off a few rough edges before the new hosting model is complete. I need to install a theme and I need to decide how I want to handle comments.

With this new burst of excitement and energy, I will also be changing the focus (if there ever was one) of this blog to reflect my current interests.

You’ll read a lot less about virtual worlds, news feeds, and syndication (I have nothing to do with any of these topics at present), and some more about cloud computing (above and beyond what I write in the AWS Blog, LEGO (especially Technic), and home-made pizza.

After graduating from the University of Washington’s MCDM program last year, I decided to continue my education and applied to the Professional Master’s Program in Computer Science (PMP for short), also at the UW. I was accepted and am starting my first class today.