Feed Domain Statistics

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A Syndic8 fan asked me to analyze the number of distinct domains represented in the Syndic8 feed database. A few SQL queries later, and I had the answer: 15,833 unique top-level domains. Any domain which supplied more than one URL (e.g. blogspot.com, blogger.com, and so forth) was counted just once.

Here are some of the top domains: <table style="border: 1px solid #eee">

topix.net 36,807 cuteandsingle.com 2,484 scotsman.com 1,786 livejournal.com 1,582 newsisfree.com 1,202 yahoo.com 1,178 typepad.com 999 blogspot.com 861 medicinenet.com 803 moreover.com 769


At some point I will add these to the official collection of Syndic8 Feed Statistics, and I will also allow for feed retrieval by domain name.