Polling, Headlines Per Day, System Upgrade

less than 1 minute read

As a consequence of a disk space shortage, the Syndic8 poller has been running on an irregular basis lately.

Over the weekend I restructured the polling process to make better use of disk space. I also removed the end-of-poll update which was the root cause behind the “unable to connect” messages that were an all-too-frequent occurence of late.

Finally, we will be getting a new 250MB drive (bringing the total storage up to 397MB) later today.

There will be a brief outage today when the machine is upgraded.

After that, things will be running a lot more smoothly.

One consequence of the change to the polling process is that the “headlines per day” are only displayed for the last few days. No data has been lost; but there was no efficient way to pull this info from both the old and new database tables.

Next on my plate:

  1. Doing more interesting things with metadata
  2. Improving the review process