Exponential Growth in Feed Count!

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Although one month of data certainly isn’t enough to be a trend, the number of feeds in Syndic8 appears to be growing exponentially:

feed growth

We had near-linear growth for the first 2+ years. Early this year the curve started heading up at an ever-increasing rate.

Put another way, Syndic8 users have submitted over 45,000 feeds so far this month. It took 2 years to accumulate the first 45,000 feeds.

I’ve been refining my polling algorithms, encouraging people to use pings, and adding additional hardware. There’s still a lot to be done (by me and by others) to make better use of ETags, delta compression, adaptive polling, and so forth.

I also need to simplify and streamline the review process. I made some small changes yesterday, but I need to do a lot more.

Things are about to get really exciting.