Syndic8 Personal Lists

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I received the following piece of email today:

I have 4 different readers on my desktop and I would like to convert all my various feeds to one reader. My problem is that my favorite reader requires OMPL formatted files for import. How can I take the feeds I already have and create an OMPL file and import them? I have searched the internet and haven’t seen any program or method to do this. I would appreciate your help. I replied as follows:

Good question! Most tools are better at importing than they are at exporting. One thing you could do is to use the Syndic8 personal list feature. Once you have created an account and logged in to Syndic8, each feed page will contain a “Subscribe” button. Subscribing to a feed adds it to your list (and you can have any number of such lists). You can easily export your complete list in OPML format. I wrote an article about this a year or so ago, and you can read it here: I think this would give you the flexibility that you need to keep your feed list separate from your reader. I think it is worthwhile to do this, while the reader market is still in its infancy. The Syndic8 Personal List Feature (designed by Bill Kearney, implemented by yours truly) allows users to store their lists on the Syndic8 server and to get to them from anywhere. The items in the list are accessible in OCS, OPML, and RSS form; a list can be created by importing an existing OPML list, and the list contents can be read and written using the Syndic8 Web Services. Any registered user can have any number of lists, for free, no less.