Blog-Based Marketing

1 minute read

In a recent conversation with a technology company, I urged them to start and maintain a blog. Said company wanted to raise their profile within the software engineering community and to establish themselves as a thought leader in their particular niche.

Via, I just ran into a very nice series of getting-started articles on the OrangeJack blog:

The best writers make their words come out as if they were effortless, even if the backspace key is the most active one on the keyboard. I have found that it takes a while to get into the right frame of mind to write a good entry, and I have to try not to think that there’s someone watching. The temptation to write something destined for someone that I know is a regular reader is something I resist. I don’t want to telegraph anything to anyone, but it is still takes some doing to make the words just flow out. I can do this in email with no problem, but it has yet to come naturally for me when I blog. Someday I will be a great blogger like Jeremy or Erik.

Update: Also of interest: