Halo Halo Halo (Is There Anybody Out There?)

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Let me start with apologies for that cheap riff on a classic Pink Floyd tune.

For the past couple of weeks my son Andy has been anxiously awaiting the release of Halo 2 for the XBox. Unlike some of his friends, he didn’t download the bootleg copy that surfaced a couple of weeks ago).

I haven’t seen this much excitement around a video game for a while. Perhaps this is good news for Microsoft; they need a new hit and they need to find a way to make money selling something other than Windows and Office.

The official release of Halo 2 is scheduled for November 9th, and we’ve already reserved our copy.

Until that time, we’ll prepare by reading the Halo 2 Manual.

Now that we have unlimited network data transfer (courtesy of Blarg) we are planning to sign up for XBox Live. Tonight I am putting that unlimited transfer to good use by downloading all 8 CD’s of the latest Debian Linux Release.