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166,666 Miles

My 1978 Porsche just hit 166,666 miles. I had been anticipating this for some time, and I was all set with my new camera phone. Unfortunately, I was heading down an off-ramp at 50+ MPH when the odometer rolled over, so the picture is a bit blurry. But here it is:

166,666 Miles

This is not representative of the camera’s image quality; it can do a lot better. I was shifting, taking the picture, braking, steering, and looking at the road as I took this shot.

It would be cool to have a shot with the speedometer on the far side of 100 MPH (not that I’ve ever gone that fast, no, that wasn’t me, officer), but someone else will have to take that picture. The front end of this car gets a bit light at around 90 MPH and it feels like it is floating.

Next landmark will be 200,000 miles!