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Motorola V-600 Phone Tips

For Christmas, my dear wife bought me a shiny new Motorola V-600 phone. My cool kids bought me the accompanying Bluetooth Headset.

It took me several weeks to figure out how to make the headset work reliably. I would go through the setup procedure, enter the PIN, and it would work, for a short while, as advertised. Then I would try it again, and it wouldn’t work at all — the phone didn’t know it was there.

I did notice that each time I went through the setup procedure, the phone would prompt me to “Temporarily Turn on Bluetooth Power?”. So, this morning, I went that far, turned on the power, and backed out of the rest of the discovery process. The headset worked just fine.

This evening I spent about an hour going through the Motorola web site for the phone, and I worked through the Flash-based How-To Guide (choose the phone from the menu, there’s no direct link — believe it or not). I learned how to permanently turn on the Bluetooth power, did that, and now it works like a charm!

These How-Tos are far more informative than the manual. I cannot understand how they can spent $10-$20 million designing a new phone and then skimp on the manual. Hire some real writers, Motorola!