Buying a Ferrari when you don’t really mean to…

1 minute read

I may have “accidentally” bought a 1977 Ferrari 308 GTB. I had been browsing this listing earlier in the day, and I added it to My eBay, just for the heck of it.

I got home and showed it to my wife late in the evening; she thought it looked kind of cool, as did the kids. Egged on by all of them, I entered a bid, and, after verifying my credit card, was immediately outbid. My wife said “Go for $23K, someone will definitely outbid you.” I entered the value but didn’t dare submit it. We laughed and dared each other to push the button. Finally, my son Stephen did the dirty deed. I waited anxiously, hoping to be outbid once again, but happy to see my name on the list of bidders.

I wasn’t.

10 hours to go on the auction and no other bidders have emerged. I sure hope I will be able to sleep tonight. This will stretch the budget, but I’ve always wanted this exact car; perhaps fate has intervened and I am meant to have this car. I am sure it will look good with a custom Syndic8 license plate on it:

If I win this, it will be the second red car I will have bought, from eBay, in less than 2 months, from a dealer in Texas. This madness certainly cannot continue!

To be continued….