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Seattle Resources, Geo-Tagging RSS

I just found out about the Seattle Networking Group, and signed up for their newsletter.

I also like the Lost in Seattle site. They are linking the virtual world to the real world, mapping out the city block by block and linking to the businesses on each block. Think of it as yellow pages, but indexed by street instead of by business type. This, of course, gets into the whole concept of geo-location, as done by organizations like MaxMind and GeoURL.

And from there, we should talk about geo-tagging RSS feeds, of course. We’ve done some work to exploit this on Syndic8, but we need to get more feeds tagged to make it really useful. You can do queries like this:;Sweden

To retrieve, for example, feeds that are geo-tagged as located in Sweden. The matching is exact; you must specify a legitimate value consisting of a country code, a semicolon, and the country name. Here are some other values:

  • us;United States
  • at;Austria
  • au;Australia
  • ca;Canada
  • ch;Switzerland
  • dk;Denmark
  • fr;France
  • is;Iceland
  • nl;Netherlands
  • mx;Mexico
  • de;Germany

  • Ok, so this post has rambled a bit. I have an associative brain, and I’ll have to write about that someday too.*