Kernel Traffic

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Even though I don’t *need *to know what’s happening in the world of Linux kernel development on a week by week basis, I do still like to know the gist what’s going on. Once, a long time ago, I was a subscriber to the kernel traffic mailing list. This a great list, but the message volume is really high, hundreds of messages per day.

Nowadays, the best way to keep up with what’s happening is via Zack Brown’s Kernel Traffic page. Every couple of weeks, Zack uses a slick set of macros and templates to produce a short, highly informative, and generously hyperlinked summary of the most recent activity on the Kernel Traffic mailing list.

Two interesting items this week cover the use of a genetic algorithm to tune the Linux scheduler, and the unveiling of complete documentation on the operation of the Linux 2.6 scheduler.

The same site also hosts Wine Traffic, for information about the Wine Windows Emulator.

Finally, there are several RSS feeds for the site.