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A couple of months ago we saw a FoodTV segment about a pepper farmer in Eastern Washington. Starting small, he now produces hundreds of tons of pickled peppers every year. Last Friday I was walking through the PCC market and saw his peppers, Mama Lil‘s, on the shelf. The bottle was a bit pricey, $8.99 for a moderately sized bottle. It was evening and I was getting hungry, so I bought it and took it home. We opened the bottle Friday night. By mid-day on Sunday, it was empty! For a while we were civilized and ate them on crackers or in omelettes. Ultimately, though, we ate them directly from the jar. Now, it looks like I can save a lot of money by ordering an entire case at the site.

In other food news, I am pleased to see that Tabasco is now selling gallon jugs of all of their flavors. In the past, the only sauce available in this size was the original. Now you can get the habanero, garlic, and jalapeno sauces in the convenient family size.

Maybe my family is abnormal, but we go through an entire regular-sized bottle of this stuff in about a month. Sometimes I just soak a piece of break with it. Tastes great, and it even makes m y back feel better — the capsaicin is a natural muscle relaxant.