Accessing an Amazon Wishlist

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Here’s the info on how to get an Amazon Wishlist.

I’ve linked each of the ECS functions to the corresponding page on the AWS Zone, a third-party site with easy-to-use prompts for each function. You can use AWS Zone to experiment with each ECS operation and to create the REST URLs or SOAP code for your application.

Here’s an ECS query to grab a Wishlist: ?Service=AWSECommerceService &Version=2005-03-23 &Operation=ListLookup &SubscriptionId=0525E2PQ81DD7ZTWTK82 &ListId=2AT7V3BAJ69DX& ListType=WishList &ResponseGroup=Large

This request uses the ListSearch operation. The ListID parameter to this request specifies the list to retrieve. If you don’t have one of these, you can use the ListLookup request to search for Wishlists by name, email, and state. This operation performs a “loose match”; the calling application can then display all of the potential matches so that the user can find the one they want.

I don’t happen to have the URL to an XSLT transform handy, but there’s full info on doing this in the ECS Docs.