Gnomedex Update

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The first day of Gnomedex was a blast. lots of great presentations, lots of cool people, and lots of new things to look at and experiment with. We had a very informative post-session meeting with people interested in the FeedMesh concept.

The Microsoft “We Get RSS” demo was pretty cool. One of the demos showed how easy it would be to pull in data from an Amazon wish list as an RSS feed. A bunch of people have asked me when we would be rolling out this feature. The great news is that it is available right now. Using the Amazon E-Commerce Service, it is easy to get wish list data in Amazon’s XML format and to transform it to RSS using Amazon’s XSLT processor. I put this in a separate post, Accessing an Amazon Wish List.

Julie Leung is talking now, a very different talk than the others, full of pictures, life, and emotion.