WeatherBug API

less than 1 minute read

The folks at WeatherBug just announced an API. The information is live, up to the minute, as collected from over 8,000 tracking stations all over the US.. There’s a lot of info: live weather and wind information, 3 day forecasts, 7 day highs and lows, and severe weather alerts. Very cool. Looks like it is all REST-style, with a license key required. The calls are:

  • getStations – Return a list of weather stations for a given zip code.
  • getFullForecast – Get the full weather forecast for a zip code.
  • getLiveWeather – Get full weather conditions at a weather station.
  • getLiveCompactWeather – Get summary weather conditions at a weather station.
  • getAlerts – Get any extant weather alerts at a given zip code

Couple of odd things: The license code is present at 2 points in the call, and call names have the string “.aspx” at the end. This will make it slightly harder to evolve the API if they ever switch to a newer or different implementation.

They are also rolling out RSS support, weather feeds by Zip Code.