Links for Monday, March 13, 2006

less than 1 minute read

  • Airbus A380 Construction Video – This is a must-watch. 12 months of construction condensed down to a 7 minute video. Wow!
  • Ray Ozzie: Writing the Web – This is a fairly competent implementation of object-oriented cut and paste for the web; it even uses microformats. The technical introduction contains a whole bunch of downloadable JavaScript, complete with Creative Commons. There is a critical mass issue here — how do you get enough developers to use this (in the right places) to make it worthwhile for users to attempt to right-click on copyable items within a web page? Oh yeah, and since not all items on a page will support this, we are going to need to standardize on a visual effect (perhaps a subtle outline) to flag items as copyable.
  • Firebug – “It’s Not Your Grandma’s JavaScript Console.”
  • View Rendered Source Chart – Another Firefox extension that will be useful to developers.
  • Vintage Projects – Free PDF plans for the home, workshop, garden, and farm.