Building Scalable Web Sites

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Building Scalable Web Sites : Building, scaling, and optimizing the next generation of web applications

My copy of Cal Henderson’s new book, Building Scalable Web Sites, arrived last night.

I have not yet read it cover to cover, but I have sampled many parts and it is really, really good. It is simply packed from cover to cover with Cal’s recommendations learned as he and his team built FlickR. The level of detail is simply second to none. There’s plenty of architecture and high-level overview material, but there’s also plenty of real live code (mostly PHP and some Perl), literally down to the bit level, as Cal talks about ways to optimize network protocols. Cal talks about development tools and methodologies, web services, internationalization, and lots more.

Everyone who plans to build (or has already built) a busy, dynamic site needs to invest the $20 or so to buy this book.