Night at the Races

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I was looking for a Second Life car and found the Silver Motorsports Complex. There’s a complete race track with a pit, a drag strip, cars and custom choppers for sale, grandstands, and lots more. A couple of kids were driving their new Mustangs around. I happened to have a Flintstone-mobile in my inventory, so I rezzed it (created an instance, for you OO guys) onto the track and had some fun:

That’s me in the background. Clearly the babes favored the guy with the cooler car, instead of the sharp dressed man.

The latency inherent in the server-based physics model of Second Life made driving a really challenging experience. There was a visiting 4 year old sitting next to me in real life and he found it fascinating and kept asking me questions.

Here’s a followup picture that I took this morning (after I changed into some cooler clothes):

Laugh all you want, but this stuff is loads of fun, and it will be mainstream before too long.