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Relay for Life

I promised my wife that I would go for a long walk today but I’m pretty sure that this isn’t what she meant…

There’s an amazing fund-raising event going on in Second Life today.

The American Cancer Society has run a Relay For Life event for many years. For the second year in a row, there’s a parallel event inside of Second Life. The walking tour runs through a whopping 12 sims (simulators) designed in themes to match different parts of the world. There’s a rain forest, the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, a Mexican market, a camping area, and lots more.

For weeks leading up to this event, artists have been creating and selling merchandise to raise funds to donate. There have been sales, auctions, and other benefits. But today is the relay itself. Starting at 5 PM PST, organized teams will be participating in the relay to raise funds for cancer research.

The build itself is amazing, and it will be here only for the duration of the event (Saturday and Sunday). It is now or never if you want to see it.

Here are a couple of pictures to entice you to join in the fun:

To visit the relay, click here.