Links for Monday, September 11, 2006

less than 1 minute read

  • Cool Voice HUD in Second Life – “What you do is purchase the HUD attachment for a mere $L10$L90 and then use it to punch in the code that corresponds with the ID number of the gallery piece you are viewing. That triggers a voice recording made by Thompson, who offers commentary and some background info on the respective selected images.” This is a very interesting way to do a multi-mode presentation in Second Life. Pictures with voice-on-demand commentary.
  • The Second Man – “Clothing, skins, and style for the men of Second Life.
  • A Brother HUD of Man – “Yossarian’s translator operates through a HUD that attaches to your display, allowing you to quickly switch between 10 languages.
  • Suw Charman: Second Life (FOO and Beyond) – “There’s a bunch of cool – and sometimes physically impossible – things you can do in Second Life and an ecosystem of skilled artisans in-game who can help you realise your ideas.