Links for Sunday, September 10, 2006

less than 1 minute read

  • How to Create an Aerial Panorama from Google Earth – “The concept is simple – grab a series of screen shots while rotating above the earth and then stitch the images as if they were normal photographs.
  • Joel Spolsky: A Field Guide to Developers – “There’s more to the physical workspace than private offices. When a candidate comes to your company for the day of interviews, they’re going to look around at where people are working, and try to imagine themselves working there. If the office space is pleasant, if it’s bright, if it’s in a nice neighborhood, if everything is new and clean: they’ll have happy thoughts.
  • Wheaties For Your Wallet: Guilting Your Money Away – “Rather than seeing customers who bounced checks as a problem, WaMu had started to see them as a source of profit. Once, too many bounced checks would get you a stern letter from the bank warning you to manage your finances better. Now, no such letter would arrive, but WaMu would charge you more than nearly any other bank (currently, $25.00) for each bounced check.
  • Chris Pirillo: Vista’s UI is Better Than This!? – “Watch and drool.