Links for Friday, September 22, 2006

less than 1 minute read

  • Amazon’s Jeff Barr Comes to Hursley – “Jeff Barr is Amazon’s Web Services Evangelist, and all round good guy.” Hey, that’s me! Hursley was a very cool place and my visit was way too short.
  • Seattle Mind Camp – “What happens when you put 250 of Seattle’s smartest geeks in a creative environment for 24 hours? We’re not sure either, but we’d like to find out. It’s time to meet and connect with those involved in the interesting projects going on in Seattle in a relaxed environment. Come, camp out, create.” I will be there.
  • Land Store Currently Closed – “Due to increased private region orders and a hardware shortage, we have closed the Second Life Land Store. This should be resolved by the end of the month.” Argh!!
  • Wall Street Journal: Now, Virtual Fashion – “Second Life Designers Make Real Money Creating Clothes For Simulation Game’s Players