Links for Saturday, September 23, 2006 – Generating Thumbnails of Web Pages

less than 1 minute read

  • WebThumb – “Creates a PPM-format image of the first screenful of a web page and writes this image to standard output. This is done using the Xvfb virtual framebuffer X server, which provides an environment for the mozilla web browser.” Also listed on Freshmeat.
  • Joshuan Eichorn: WebThumb API – “To submit a thumbnail request, send an XML message…”
  • Joshua Eichorn: WebThumb Contest – “*The webthumb API seems to be running pretty stable these days. But it doesn’t have a lot of users yet, so nows your chance to change that. I’m running a short contest giving out webthumb accounts with higher API limits as prizes. *“
  • Creating Thumbnail of WebPages using WebThumb API – “In this Article we are going to discuss how we can incorporate WebThumb API in PHP to create thumbnail of web pages from our PHP applications.
  • Hasin Hayder: Generate Thumbnail of Any Web Page Using PHP – “*Today I made a PHP Wrapper of his WebThumb API using Curl. Now you can create Thumbnails using this wrapper class from PHP. *“