Top of the Roller Coaster

1 minute read

Needless to say, my life is always pretty busy — 5 kids, a demanding job, and all of the side stuff that I do on Syndic8 and Second Life. My wife and I spend a lot of time driving the kids here, there, and everywhere — school, music, friends’ houses, lessons, church activities, and so forth. Each Sunday night, as we look forward to the week to come, it feels as if we are at the top of the first hill of a roller coaster track. You know, that point where you’ve slowly clacked up the hill, slowly and steadily gaining altitude, and suddenly you are there at the top. You suddenly realize that the situation is no longer under your control, and that for the next 2 minutes or so you simply need to hang on, enjoy the ride, and perhaps even scream a bit.

We start the week, propelled through it by inertia and the innumerable demands on our time, and before we know it it is Saturday again!

This afternoon I got the distinct feeling that my wife and I are at the top of a roller coast 10 times higher and longer than ever before. Her open house went well, and in the afternoon I logged in to Second Life to find an avatar in my build looking at my Web on a Prim demo. After we talked for a bit he invited another person and another into the meeting, and before I knew it there were four of us chatting:


One more person showed up after I took this picture, and while I was talking to them I was also IM’ing with Hugo of Life2Life.

I received a lot of good feedback on my Web on a Prim work, and I’m going to have to buckle down and get it ready for sale ASAP. I’ve now got some beta testers lined up!

I’m not sure where this roller coaster ride will go, but I’ll just hang on and hope for the best.