World’s Most Confusing Web Site?

less than 1 minute read

I was reading an Infoworld article (from June, I am a bit behind) about the new AMD K8L architecture and decided to go to the AMD site to see if I could find anything meaty and interesting to read about it. I enjoy reading architecture documents, typically 10-20 page PDFs that I can print, read, and recycle. After searching the web site I found nothing at all about the K8L, and left them a strongly negative comment:

I’m a big AMD fan, but this is the first time I’ve tried to find anything on your website. Sorry to report that it is impossible to use. I want to know all about the K8L architecture. No white papers to be found, way too many popup windows, mishmash of Flash, HTML, PDF, and PowerPoint, and links links links with none of the deep information that I so desperately seek. Where, oh where, please AMD, can I find some good meaty white papers to download, print, and enjoy?

Bummer, a definite lack of a decent information architecture.

Somewhat coincidentally I was listening to an IT Conversations podcast by Peter Morville about Ambient Findability earlier today. Peter meet AMD, AMD meet Peter…