Simply Indestructible

1 minute read

I travel a lot.

After years of using a series of inadequate (yet free) backpacks that I picked up at various conferences, I finally invested in a Tumbuk2 Messenger Bag about 18 months ago.

Since then I’ve carried it back and forth to work with me every day, thrown it in the back of my Scion, and kicked it under the seat of countless airplanes. I don’t have the patience to treat stuff like this with kid gloves (or kid shoes, since I kick it so much). Either it stands up to the abuse I give it or it falls apart and I find something more durable.

I am happy to report that my Tumbuk2 bag has withstood all of this abuse and is ready for more. It is, as far as I can see, simply indestructible. Other than a tiny bit of fuzz in one location, fabric is in essentially the same condition as when it arrived on my doorstep. It doesn’t pick up dirt and it doesn’t look any worse for the wear. One of the Velcro strips has about 1″ of loose thread that I’ll have to fix.

Other than that, it looks like this bag will last until my 50th birthday. At that time I’ll treat myself to a new one.