My First Virtual Press Interview

less than 1 minute read

Yesterday I was interviewed by Hunter Glass and Deeeep Witte of the Second Life Business Magazine. Given the subject of the magazine, it was only fitting that I would be interviewed in-world, in my Second Life persona. I had already equipped my build for the interview, adding dynamic, scripted controls to allow me to switch it from a presentation space into an interview space at the touch of a button.

The entire interview was done in text form; there was no audio. Given that Hunter is in Afghanistan and Deeeep is in Belgium, this was by far better than a phone call.

Hunter and Deeeep showed up as scheduled and we started with some small talk:

We then took our seats and started the actual interview:

Hunter has a very official-looking press pass:

Without warning, a new resident materialized in my space. Fortunately she was fully clothed and moved along when I politely told her that I was in the middle of an interview. This actually happened twice — I wonder if people are searching for Amazon and finding the space?

We wrapped up with a short demo of my rooftop projects:

Overall, fun and (more importantly) very effective.