Joshua Culdesac

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Not too long after I staked my land claim in Second Life and started building, I was approached by a very scary wolf by the name of Joshua Culdesac. The absentee landlord of the parcel adjacent to mine had agreed to let Joshua build and experiment on the land. Since then, two great things have happened:

  • Joshua and I have become good friends and take the time to chat almost every day.
  • Every time I log in Joshua shows me his latest and greatest creations.

In real life, Joshua is a maritime transport consultant with a really interesting resume. In Second Life, Joshua is a very talented builder with a good eye for proportion and detail, and an excellent sense of style.

Joshua has taken the time to develop a real philosophy of Second Life building, which he has documented here. He has also set up shop at Culdesac Building in the parcel next to me.

Earlier this month he showed he his modular building concept and his crystal building, both of which can be seen on his projects page.

His newest project is the Building Lab, an inhabitable sphere of immense proportions.