Links for Friday, October 20, 2006

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  • Wina on the Web: One Small Step for a Man – “Armstrong came out of the craft. He turned on the cameras attached to the ship, and they showed his careful foot searching for the rungs of the ladder. He kept one foot on the ladder while his other foot went down and dabbed at the moon’s surface.
  • Using the Linden Script Language – “This page is a short tutorial on using the Linden Script Language (LSL). It includes a collection of examples that illustrate basic LSL capabilities in graphics, “physics,” communication between users and scripts, and object creation.
  • For the Super-Rich, It’s Time to Upgrade the Old Jumbo Jet – “These are specially equipped, privately owned jumbo jets — the kind that normally carry as many 300 to 400 passengers — but reconfigured with interiors designed for the enjoyment of, at most, a couple of dozen.” As Pink Floyd once said, “Think I need a Lear Jet!”