Links for Monday, November 13, 2006

1 minute read

  • Ajax/Javascript: 8 Ways to Create Graphics on the Fly – “Here I list all the techniques I can think of to create graphics and images dynamically when you’re creating an Ajax/DHTML/Javascript web app, with varying degrees of portability and usability. Starting with the obvious and ending with the obscure.
  • Marcelo Calbucci: Wasn’t Arrogance Dead? – “I’m working hard to be somebody that is remembered by the many friendships I created and the great legacy left to humanity.
  • Confabb: The Conference Community – “Search, track, discuss and review any conference, speaker or session.
  • Don Lancaster: Fundamental Factors Underlying Recent Technological Innovation – “Publishers of scientific journals are a good example of gatekeepers in the process of self destruction. An individual today has the choice of paying a journal many hundreds of dollars to publish their paper after a long delay and then making the issues so expensive that their own school library cannot afford a copy. Or of instantly and freely web publishing to a worldwide audience. To survive, the journal publishers must realize that copies of every paper more than three years out of date should be available free and without ANY restrictions.
  • Please Send us to – “We are four students at Oregon State University trying to raise $10000 ($2500 each) so that we can go to the best free/open source software conference in the world.